This week, you will create four speech topics. You will need two different types of informative topics: (one each of two of these–“How To”, Person, Object, Event, or Concept” topics), a Debate Proposition, and a Personally Important Persuasion “Issue” topic. Some of these may become the speeches you do in class. Open the attached documents below, print off and do the topic exercise. After filling in the boxes in that assignment with ideas, take ideas from the boxes and your life experiences or other readings and create a topic for each of the four topic types listed above. You may need to sneak a peek ahead in the book to see what such topics could be.

Try to choose “How to Do” topics that you are good at doing. Choose “Informative Topics about Persons, Things, Concepts, Natural Phenomena,or Events” that you are interested in researching and sharing. Choose “Persuasion Issues,” “Problems,” “Plans and Policies” and “Positions/Propositions”  you are passionate about, but which are unique and fresh for me and your audience. Tip:  It’s usually preferable to stay away from persuasion topics that are more than 20 years old, such as abortion, capital punishment or religion.

This assignment should be typed, including your name and date at the top, with the list of four kinds of topics labeled as described in quotation marks above. Each topic should be followed by a General Purpose, Specific Purpose, and a Central idea, clearly and separately labeled.

The other attachments here below the topic exercise will help you understand these four requirements. You must read all documents, but you only need to print off the remaining ones that are of use to you.


possible-topics-for a “How to Do” Speech

specific-purpose-and-central-idea info sheet