Here is the list of speakers we signed up today in class. I will also post this list to Week 6 below on the blog. Good class today; got lots accomplished!

*Practice over the weekend, but only use short notecards, not full sentence outlines!* For more info on notecard-making, see the blog printout on notecards.

******Speech Day Reminders: *Speeches should be five minutes long. *No more than a minute shorter or longer to get full points. *Come at least 10 minutes early to get set up on computer console. *Bring cell phones to tape yourself (*can borrow a classmate’s or mine if you are one of the people who doesn’t have that kind of phone). *No gum 😉

Tuesday 3/5/13
1. Dixie H
2. Marla G
3. Travis C
4. Sasa V
5. Megan W
6. Matt T
7. Hannah A.
8. Rich E
9. Alison P
10. Sarah H
11. Jenny N-S
12. Heather S

Thursday 3/7/13
1. Stephanie V
2. Craig K
3. Joe E
4. Anna G
5. LaToya U
6. Zack S
7. Mike D
8. Cody C
9. Victoria F
10. Amanda H
11. Carly K
12. Chelsea