I have copied pdfs of more Intro Textbooks Tables of Contents from PR, Vis Comm, Learning Theories, Org Comm Mass Media and Communication. This is all as one document, so will list here the Tables and Pages to make it easier to find the ones you want in the link which follows the list. ( NOte: am still working on adding Computer INf Systems and Art History.)

Public Relations (PR): pp. 1-8
Visual Communicatio: pp. 10-15
Learning Theories: pp. 16-22
PR: pp. 23-35
Organizational Communication: pp. 36-40
PR Writing: pp. 41-48
Intro to Comm: pp. 49-56
Intro to Mass Media: pp. 57-74
Intro to Mass Media: pp. 75-85

PR Vis Comm Learng Theories Org Comm Mass Media Comm TOCs