Week 14: Courtesy Reminder and Success Tips for Video Evals (Responses due by 11:59pm Monday 12/1/2014)

Hi Class:
Just a quick reminder that this week, during our final exam period, we will view our final video self-evaluations. They should be three minutes long and include commentary reflecting your development across all four of our speeches this semester.
Optimally, they should include clips from your speeches. However, if you cannot get clips to work, please at least tape your self-evaluation in front of a computer with a camera and save it to your thumbdrive.
As I have mentioned several times this semester, your best option is to create yourself a YOutube account and upload your finished video there for easy access in class.
Also, feel free to email a classmate thru Angel to ask for help if you need technical advice. You can also email me, but several of your classmates have shown themselves highly technically skilled and they will surely be very happy to help as well!
Very best wishes for great videos!
Remember to bring refreshments as you have signed up for them. See you at the party!
Prof Anderson
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