Here are the Rough Drafts of past Debate Propositions. Please read them and decide which YOU would like to debate, and which SIDE you would take. We may discuss these or our own in class, edit them for clarity and relevance, and vote which to debate. If you have thought of others to add, please bring them to class so we can add them to the mix!

Propositions: Fall 2011 Buff State
1. NCAA players should be paid (either with a stipend or a salary).
2. Health care should be free in every state.
3. Factory farming (of what?) should be outlawed.
4. Cigarettes should be made illegal.
5. Marijuana should be legalized.
6. Social networking is destroying communication.
7. It should be illegal to hold up protest signs outside of abortion clinics.
8. Gatorade is better than Powerade.
9. Gay marriage should be legal in every state.
10. US should enact a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Roe v. Wade and permanently outlaw abortion.
11. Torture is justified in the suspected case of national security.
12. Buff State discriminates against left-handed students.
13. Left-handers should be included in the list of those it is illegal to discriminate against.
14. We are too dependent on computers.
15. Apple phones are better than Androids.
16. Pennies should be removed from our currency.
17. New York State should raise the legal age of watching Internet porn to 20.
18. Free healthcare should be universal.
19. We should end the war in the Middle East (What war? Between which countries?)
20. Plastic surgery should be limited (to a need-only basis ?)