Some of you may want hints on how to study for our quizzes this semester. To get an “A” on quizzes, you should be able to do the following things:
1. Define (memorize and be able to write out meanings for) all Vocabulary terms at the end of each chapter.
2. Write out all lists of items or concepts mentioned in each chapter. (I will sometimes ask fill-in-the-blank questions.)
3. Discuss and understand all recommendations made by the authors as if worded as True/False questions.
4. Write short answers and/or essays on questions of description or integration of text material. In other words, be able to integrate terms and explanations in the chapter into a coherent, comprehensive essay if I ask you to.

Unless I tell you differently, you will usually have 10-15 minutes to complete each quiz. There will be five (5). Some questions will be True/False; some will be short answer or fill-in-the-blank; and some will be essay questions.

I strongly suggest you get together with others in the class for study groups if you want to improve your results. (Here’s a tip I learned in undergrad: Find the highest scoring person on first quiz and ask to create a study group with her or him.)

Best wishes to each of you for a successful semester!!!