Here are three documents to prepare you for your upcoming debates:
They include: a general letter explaining what is happening and reminding you to CITE OUTLOUD 7 sources per person, a copy of the rubric for the debates with two teams of three persons, and a copy of the special rubric for the split debate with a two person and a three person team. You will write and hand in a TEAM Outline which will follow the format for the team you are (either Prime Minister or Opposition). You may omit the sections of the opponent team from your outline. Be sure to list each team member next to the section he or she was responsible for.

We will mention these in class briefly, as well. Good luck Ladies and Gentlemen and . . . START YOUR RESEARCH!

revised-2013-fall-half hour debate-split-teams-of-2-pm-and-3-opp-eval-form

revised-fall-13 half hour debate-outline-template-3-person-mini-parli-debate-evaluation-forms-2010-fall

Teacher Evals half hour Debate Revised Fall 20133-person-mini-parli-debate-evaluation-forms-2010-fall